About Us

Dedicated Gaming Servers


Manage your gaming server or have us manage the server for you. 

Server backups available. May require additional cost. 

Install mods. 

Mod support available.

Linux and Windows servers available. 

Run multiple game servers on the same instance. May require more resources. 

Manage your own configs. Our ask us for  support. 

Tech support for Instances included. Secure access to instance 24/7. 

Servers located in Colorado and Data Centers Available. New York (New Jersey), Dallas, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta

Discord live Chat and Notifications  Available

Professional Local support


Desktop Repair and Support. 

OS install- Windows, Mac and Linux

Automatic Backup Solutions 

Data Transfer

Computer Hardware replacement

Remote support

Virtual environments. Saving the cost on Hardware.

VPS server Support- Windows, Mac and Linux Virtual Machines

Personal Network Administrator support


Server Administration support.

Networking support. Firewall and Switches 

Port Forwarding

External DNS

Internal DNS

Project Development

Windows and Linux

Wireless Access Points

And so much more.......